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Summer is Here: Get Ready to Show Those Toes!

By Dr Alexandra Buk With summer upon us and our thoughts focused on getting out of the house and enjoying the season, getting our feet ready for flip flops and sandals becomes a high priority. However, when you head off to the salon for a pedicure or when you take out your own scissors and […]

Healing The Diabetic Foot Ulcer: New Hope

By Dr Alexandra Buk A diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore or wound that most commonly occurs on the bottom of the foot in approximately 15% of patients with diabetes. Of those who develop a foot ulcer, 6% will be hospitalized due to infection or other ulcer-related complications. Diabetes is the leading cause of […]

Peripheral Arterial Disease

By Dr Alexandra Buk Peripheral Arterial Disease-also known as P.A.D. – is a common, yet serious, disease that affects 8 to 12 million people in the United States, especially those over age 50. It develops when extra cholesterol and other fats circulating in the blood collect in the walls of the arteries that supply blood […]

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