Hot Weather and Your Feet

Hot weather! It lasts longer than we think-even through September and October in most parts of Arkansas.

You can’t keep your feet covered in the sand or in shoes all summer long, so take a few minutes to read about your feet and how to keep them healthy in the heat.

The skin on the top of your feet is just as sensitive to sunburn as other skin not usually exposed to the sun. So use sunscreen to prevent burns, particularly after swimming in the pool or the ocean because lotions can come off in the water.

When returning from the beach or the pool, wash your feet and dry thoroughly. Use a moisturizing cream to keep your skin soft and to prevent dry cracking skin. Remember when you wear your sandals to apply sunscreen to your feet, especially if you will be walking in the sun.

Even minor cuts, bites or scrapes can spoil hot weather plans. Keep these areas clean, dry and protected. If redness, swelling or oozing develops, see your podiatrist immediately.

Alexandra Buk, DPM

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