Corns – More Than Just Skin Deep

Like many recurring conditions, corns are often ignored as a “skin problem.” But left untreated, corns can progress to a painful and chronic condition.

A corn is a circular area of thick skin caused by friction on non-weight bearing areas of the foot. The lesions most commonly form over enlarged joints on the toes, particularly when the digits are contracted and when poorly fitted shoes are worn.

While the outer corn is dead skin, the small sensitive core is very painful when pressure is applied. Self- treatment is dangerous! An improperly removed corn will soon reappear, possibly larger and more painful. A podiatrist can safely remove the entire corn and provide more complete relief.

An x-ray will determine what type of bone deformity is causing the painful corn.

If the cause is a spur or an enlarged toe joint minor surgery may be the best treatment. Your podiatrist can perform the simple procedure in the office or at an outpatient facility under local anesthesia.

Remember: never trim corns with sharp objects under any circumstances. Avoid medicated corn pads which contain acid These destroy healthy tissue and can lead to burns and serious wounds.

Alexandra Buk, DPM

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