Healthy Holiday Feet

Long hours of holiday shopping, standing in line at the post office and rushing to and from parties can be as tough on your feet as it is on the rest of you. Make the holidays a lot gentler on your feet by following these health care tips:

  • Wear shoes that are comfortable, cushioned and supportive. If the occasion calls for dress shoes, try to limit your time wearing them.
  • Inspect your feet daily. Look for scratches, cracks, cuts or blisters and report changes to your podiatrist or family doctor.
  • Wash your feet and dry well. Use a thin coat of lotion on the bottom of your feet. Apply powder for extra soothing.
  • If you plan on traveling over the holidays, bring a variety of shoes for each occasion. In cooler climates bring extra socks.
  • If traveling by car, bus or plane swelling may occur. Sitting for many hours can also make your feet achy and stiff. Exercise will alleviate this discomfort and reduce swelling, so go ahead and rotate your ankles, massage your calves and take advantage of each stop to get up and walk around.

Happy holidays!

Alexandra Buk, DPM


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